“Our purpose is what drives us, it’s the legacy we leave behind when the racing finishes.”

Three key areas where our impact extends beyond racing

Mental Fitness

Solo racing across oceans is a physical endeavour, but it’s won or lost in the mind. Diabetes is a physical condition, but living with it is a mental challenge

Together, these experiences are a unique platform

A platform to reduce stigma around building mental fitness

To share techniques and strategies for resilience, positivity, toughness and overcoming challenges

And to build the blocks in our communities for good mental health

Education & Community

It’s important to us that when people are diagnosed with a chronic condition like diabetes, they are in no doubt about what they can achieve

That the barriers to good diabetes management continue to be lowered, including access to the life changing technological developments of the 21st century

And it’s important to us that people living with diabetes, and those around them, stick together and continue to learn from each other and their/our experiences


415 million people live with diabetes in the world

46% are undiagnosed

Raising awareness is the single most powerful thing we can do to change that

Raising awareness around diabetes means saving lives